JumpStory has been named ‘Netflix of images’ by international media. We are a fast-growing start-up with customers in more than 150 countries.

Become a part of a young and dynamic team from different nationalities and join us in our journey to become global leaders in the visual industry. As an intern you will be treated as an employee, therefore your role and responsibilities are important in reaching overall JumpStory milestones.

JumpStory has been working on an exciting book project – Doers & Dreamers, where we have collected insights from 150 amazing authors. In Doers & Dreamers book 150 of the world’s most impactful entrepreneurs and leaders share their most important insights about how to launch & lead companies.

Some of the names of the book are:  

  • Andreas Ehn (Spotify)
  • Justin Rosenstein (Asana)
  • Matt Mullenweg (WordPress)
  • Brian Chesky (Airbnb)
  • Christian Arnstedt (Løvens Hule)
  • Moonie Zhu (eTOC)
  • Sonia Arrison (100 Plus Capital),
  • Tim Ferriss, Whitney Johnson & 141 other leaders from various industries!

Currently, JumpStory is seeking interns to assist with the Doers & Dreamers book launch through marketing and communication activities. The internship is set to begin in early September for a period of 3 up to 6 months, depending on the intern’s schedule. The position is suitable for both international students and Danish ones.


Some of your main responsibilities, starting from August or September 2023:

  • Assisting with the overall launch of the book Doers & Dreamers;
  • Copywrite in English related to marketing the book;
  • Communicating and arranging PR initiatives;
  • Global Communication activities on SoMe to promote the book;
  • Overall strategic assistance with the book launch;

What characteristics are we looking for? You are:

  • Passionate about copywriting, marketing, and communication;
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently to deliver on set targets;
  • Proactive and driven to grow skills and use them to make an impact;
  • Proficient in English – written and spoken;
  • Interested in executing and reaching goals rather than making coffee 😉
  • Passionate to work as a team member in a fast-growing start-up.

Our promise to you as an intern:

  • A passionate and goal-oriented working environment where we also have fun;
  • Sparring with an amazing team – always happy to share our experience with you as an intern;
  • Lots of responsibility. Experience a true start-up culture;
  • Lots of hands-on assignments – no matter what your tasks are, you will be included and you will be always doing something valuable.

Important to know about JumpStory

Our working language is English, which applies to everyone except our company dogs Esther and Villy, who are allowed to use their business language – dog-lingo – instead.

The JumpStory journey hinges on empathy and acceptance. It is the shared goal among all JumpStory staff members and interns to empower a new kind of visual experience through our innovative software solution, and we firmly believe that the best path to success for our mission is inclusivity, diversity, and genuine acceptance.

For more information or questions please contact us at vrs@jumpstory.com

About JumpStory ApS

We're reinventing the visual industry - making it much easier than before to find high-performing images for every purpose.  JumpStory is for those who hate stock photos, but can’t afford or don’t have time to hire a professional photographer every time. JumpStory curates authentic images created by passionate amateurs. Images of real people in real-life situations. We use machine learning (AI) to look for this kind of authenticity. So where some tech-companies want to use AI to generate fake images, we’re going in the completely opposite direction. We want to contribute to a more authentic and real world.

JumpStory has been named 'Netflix of images' by international media. We are a Danish fast-growing start-up with customers in more than 150 countries.

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